MK Indy RX-5 Kit Car Build Costs and Hours Worked

Here is the detailed breakdown of the kit car build costs for the MK Indy RX-5 project to date. This includes the cost of the car build itself including the donor vehicle and the kit, as well as tools and consumables. It also shows the total amount of hours worked on the build.

I have logged costs and hours per post, which you can see on the individual post pages. These are all summarised here in one place. Hopefully by keeping track of exactly what I have spent over the time of the build will help someone else in the future with planning finances for such a project.

Cost and Hours Table

Car Build Costs£225
18 Mar 2021Mazda MX5 Mk2.5 Euphonic Donor Vehicle£700
18 Mar 2021Mazda MX5 Additional SVT Wheels and Tyres (for the Tyres)£65
10 Jun 2021Disposal of Mazda MX-5 Shell to Scrap Yard £40
11 Jun 2021Sell Donor Vehicle Part: Catalytic Converter£-580
Tools & Consumable Costs£237
29 May 20211/2 inch socket set 6 point 18pcs 10-32mm£34
29 May 20211/2 inch extractor set 17, 19, 21 and 22mm£22
29 May 2021Draper Flare Nut Spanner set 6-22mm£22
29 May 20214x Ratchet Axle Stands 2T£60
29 May 20214x wheel chocks£10
29 May 20212T Engine Hoist - kindly given to me by a friend£0
29 May 2021Clarke Impact Driver - kindly given to me by a friend£0
29 May 2021Electrical tape for labelling connectors£8
29 May 2021Cable ties£3
29 May 2021Zip Lock Bags£3
29 May 2021Plus Gas Penetrating Oil 400ml£6
09 Jun 20218mm x 5m Welded Chain, M10 and M12 Shackles for Shell/ Engine Lift£47
10 Jun 20212x Plus Gas 400ml£12
10 Jun 2021Hacksaw Blades£10
Person Hours Worked161 hrs
07 Jun 2021Donor Strip Day 1 (3 people) - Remove All Body Work and Lights32 hrs
08 Jun 2021Donor Strip Day 2 (3 people) - Remove Dashboard, Wiring Harness, Radiator, Air Ducting31 hrs
09 Jun 2021Donor Strip Day 3 (3 people) - Preparation and Separation of Shell from Roller Skate31 hrs
10 Jun 2021Donor Strip Day 4 (3 people) - Prepare Shell for Scrap, Separate Sub-frames, Engine Removal32 hrs
11 Jun 2021Donor Strip Day 5 (3 people) - Sub-frame teardown, Tidy up28 hrs
10 Oct 2021Remove Sump and Differential Housing for modification by MK Sportscars7 hrs

The Aim of This Log

The aim of my MK Indy RX-5 kit car build blog is to be as helpful as possible to others considering doing such a project. I want to provide information that I have struggled to find myself in all the research I have done on kit cars. It has been quite difficult to properly work out a budget for what a kit car will cost to build. What I mean is the true cost of building a car, not just a theoretical cost for just the kit. I have read many kit car build blogs which are rich with detailed information on the build itself. However, none of the blogs actually stated what they planned to spend on the build vs reality.

I want this blog to actually take time to log the costs of the build. This will include all of the tools and consumables purchased and hours worked. I will then compare this to the budget I set at the start.

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