MK Indy RX-5 Kit Car Build Costs and Hours Worked

Here is the detailed breakdown of the kit car build costs for the MK Indy RX-5 project to date. This includes the cost of the car build itself including the donor vehicle and the kit, as well as tools and consumables. It also shows the total amount of hours worked on the build.

I have logged costs and hours per post, which you can see on the individual post pages. These are all summarised here in one place. Hopefully by keeping track of exactly what I have spent over the time of the build will help someone else in the future with planning finances for such a project.

Cost and Hours Table

Car Build Costs£765
18 Mar 2021Mazda MX5 Mk2.5 Euphonic Donor Vehicle£700
18 Mar 2021Mazda MX5 Additional SVT Wheels and Tyres (for the Tyres)£65
Tools & Consumable Costs£0
No additional tools or consumables have been bought to date.
Hours Worked0 hrs
No hours have been worked to date.

The Aim of This Log

The aim of my MK Indy RX-5 kit car build blog is to be as helpful as possible to others considering doing such a project. I want to provide information that I have struggled to find myself in all the research I have done on kit cars. It has been quite difficult to properly work out a budget for what a kit car will cost to build. What I mean is the true cost of building a car, not just a theoretical cost for just the kit. I have read many kit car build blogs which are rich with detailed information on the build itself. However, none of the blogs actually stated what they planned to spend on the build vs reality.

I want this blog to actually take time to log the costs of the build. This will include all of the tools and consumables purchased and hours worked. I will then compare this to the budget I set at the start.

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