Caterham Seven Kit Car Racing at Brands Hatch is Inspiration

Birthday Celebrations at Brands Hatch

I visited Brands Hatch in 2007, the local circuit near my parents, with family and friends to celebrate my Birthday. We watched various races from the stands and the grass verges. This included touring cars, minis, and my favourite of all, the Caterham Sevens. I have dreamt of one day building a Caterham Seven style kit car ever since I was young.

Red Caterham 7 at Brands Hatch

It was fantastic seeing these small but nimble and powerful Caterham Seven cars racing. All the cars in this Caterham Seven series were evenly matched in term of size, weight and power. This provided great wheel to wheel action in all the races, as the main difference was driving skill and nerve of the driver.

Seeing Caterham Seven Kit Cars Up Close

It was inevitable that the odd driver pushed their car beyond the limit and spun off into the grass. Brands Hatch is great for being able to watch the racing so close to the action. For instance, it is brilliant to watch the marshalls helping to get stricken vehicles going again.

Caterham 7 at Brands Hatch after Spinning Off

We took time to wander around the paddock after the races to see the cars that had been racing only a few minutes before. Some of the cars had a few more dents and scratches than before they started!

It was the first time I had got close to a Caterham Seven kit car. I know most of these cars are likely to have been factory-built, so I use the term ‘kit car’ loosely in this article. However, The Caterham Seven is built on the concept of a kit and the ability to build and modify the car yourself, so the use of ‘kit car’ is still relevant. I was amazed at how small and low to the ground they really are. This whole experience re-inspired the dream of wanting to build a Caterham Seven kit car one day.

Caterham 7 at Brands Hatch Orange
Orange Caterham 7 at Brands Hatch

Being able to one day do some track days myself in a car I have built seems a majestic idea. My favourite colour scheme for the day was orange! I have always loved orange as a colour and black compliments it well. I will have to develop my colour scheme ideas further.

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